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After serving patients at Midwest Physical Therapy for more than 25 years we have decided to join the team at Performance Therapies in Coralville. This change will take place on July 1.
We are honored to join Performance Therapies where we will continue to provide excellent individualized, hands-on care for our patients. Jim and Katherine will continue to see patients at our current office until June 30. After that, we will treat patients at the Performance Therapies location in Coralville.
Please continue to call our office to schedule appointments through June 30. Please call Performance Therapies at 319-665-2630 to schedule appointments after June 30. We are working on moving all current appointments over to the new location.
Performance Therapies is located at 3290 Ridgeway Drive in Coralville.
We look forward to continuing to be your physical therapy provider.

Located in Coralville, IA

At Midwest Physical Therapy our qualified physical therapists will treat you at each of your visits. From your initial evaluation to each subsequent visit this one-on-one approach allows our therapists to develop a customized treatment plan for each patient.

Midwest Physical Therapy

We are committed to reducing pain, increasing strength, and improving mobility and function.

Serving Coralville, Iowa City, North Liberty, and Cedar Rapids areas for more than 20 years.


“The therapists at Midwest Physical Therapy are great people to work with. The comradery and friendship help healing. Fantastic skills and mindset.” -Richard B.


Individualized Rehabilitation Plans

Let us help you recover from an injury or surgery with an individualized rehabilitation plan that may include mobilization of soft tissue and joints, stretching, strengthening, coordination training or dry needling.